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I recently moved to Ashburn and was upset about leaving my previous vet, however, after my appointment this morning I am so happy to have found Ashburn Veterinary Hospital. My dog was a rescue and needs to get to know someone before she is comfortable and everyone at this Vet took the time to. Even the front desk receptionist came over and gave her a treat. I am so happy to have found a vet in Ashburn wo takes the time to learn about my dog and really make her feel comfortable, which in the end makes me feel comfortable. Dr. Jones and Kayla were super nice and informative and explanined everything to me and make the entire appointment enjoyable for my dog! I have thrilled to have found this vet and honestly cannot wait to go back! THANK YOU!! ♥

– Jordan M.

We have been trusting the health of our furry family members to Dr. Jones and his amazing staff at Ashburn Veterinary Hospital since 1995. We lived in Sterling when we 1st began using their services and have since moved to Hamilton and continue to use them today.
We have tremendous faith in thier passion for giving the best advice and care to each animal they treat.

– Catherine C.

My parents took our family dog to Dr. Jones for her entire life 14 years. She always seemed to have a crisis while my parents were out of town. He and his staff were always there for us. Now I’ve adopted a special needs dog and I didn’t even consider going to another vet. He and his staff are so caring and wonderful. Again he is all patience, kindness, and help every step of the way. My dog runs to the door the same way she does for a walk when I say we are going to see Dr. Jones and jumps out of the car when we arrive.

– Kim S.

I’ve been with Dr. Jones and his practice (Ashburn Vet Hospital) for 20 years and multiple dogs. He and his staff then and now are truly superior; personalized and professional care, bar none. I cannot recommend them all highly enough.

– Trey G.

Dr. Jones has been my veterinarian since June 1992 when we moved to Ashburn. He has taken excellent care of all 8 dogs that I have owned. He is kind, thoughtful, caring and extremely knowledgable. We just adopted another dog. When asked if he could determine her age, Dr. Jones said he thought she was about 3 – 4 years old. We just received the documentation from the Rescue Organizationon on her chip. Her birthdate was listed as August 2012. In other words, Dr. Jones nailed it!

Dr. Jones made house calls when I couldn’t get my arthritic lab, Joe, into my SUV to come to the office for needed care. When it became necessary to euthanize Joe, Dr. Jones came to my house and euthanized Joe in my back yard, because that was the most comfortable environment that Joe was familiar with and had enjoyed.

Dr. Jones and his staff not only assure that pet owners are given the best care during stressful times but he also assures that his patients are treated with the same type of love and respect. He’s the best!

– Valerie L.

Both my babies have been coming here since they were young pups. DR. Jones and his amazing staff love my two as much as I do. Some of the ladies there know my and my pups on first name alone!

He helped me figure out the best treatment possible for Harley’s horrid allergies and Oscar’s crazy anxiety!

They make you feel special and part of their small little practice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and will be heartbroken when it comes time for DR. Jones to retire. We love Ashburn Veterinary Hospital!!!

– Julie H. C.

I’ve been very happy with the excellent care and service my dog has received from Dr. Jones and his staff. Dr Jones is very thorough and knowledgeable, along with having a very sweet and gentle manner when dealing with my dog. I trust him, and I would definitely recommend him!

– Jennifer B.

I love Dr Jones and the staff at Ashburn Vet Hospital! They are so sweet and care so much about all of the animals they treat.

– Heather E.

I have been with Dr. Jones for 15 or more years. He has now cared for four of my dogs with the kindest most loving manner of any veterinarian in the area. I highly recommend him and his practice to anyone with a pet.

– Laura N.

Dr. Jones is the third vet we’ve taken our Old English Sheepdog to since moving to the area over a year ago…. And we plan on keeping him! In addition to being very nice and caring for our pup, he is obviously very knowledgeable and eager to inform patients rather than just telling you what to do.

– Allyson R.

We have been bringing our fur babies to Dr. Jones for ~18 years. We love him and all the staff. They are the most knowledgable, friendly and caring people! I highly recommend them to everyone with pets!

– Shari C.

I’ve been seeing Dr Jones for many years. He has taken care of 3 of my golden retreviers and one cat. The staff is amazing. They really care and love what they do. I’m happy I found such a caring vet. I highly recommend them. Buddy jumps up and greets the staff. He’s a handful but they still care.

– Debbie R.

The staff here is excellent! The doctor is extremely caring and the nurses are top notch. I have brought my dogs here for the past few years and they always receive the absolute best care. Thank you guys for all you do!!

– Katie C.

Dr. Jones took wonderful care of our sweet GSD mix for 12 years until her passing. We recently welcomed a GSD pup to the family and we are so happy to have him with Ashburn Veterinary Hospital. The entire staff provides exceptional care!!!

– Martha G.

Thank you all for taking such good care of my dogs. My dogs love the staff here and I always know they are getting the best care.

– Ben C.

I have been taking both of my pets to Ashburn Vet hospital since 2006! Love Dr. jones and the entire staff!! ❤️

– Kristan D.

After 16 years we had to have our girl out to sleep. Blindness and increasing incontinence robbed her, and us, of the joy we shared for many years. We went to the only vet we have ever used in Ashburn and they were compassionate, kind, & respectful of our girl and of us during the ordeal. She passed quietly in the arms of my wife but lives forever in our memories. Thank you Ashburn Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Jones for the great treatment and peace of mind.

– VeeAyBoy L.

Ashburn Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Jones are the best! Dr Jones has been our vet for over 20 years!

– Richard R.

We’ve been going to Ashburn Vet for almost 10 years. Dr. Jones and the staff are amazing. They truly care about their clients. They cared for our chocolate lab for most of his life and were extra sensitive to his needs and ours as he aged and became sick with liver disease and Cancer. They now care for our Great Dane mix and show him the same kindness and high level of care that they did with our previous dog. I recommend them to everyone who needs a vet and would never consider going elsewhere. They’re like family to us. They’re hands down the best vet we’ve encountered.

– Sue M.

Ashburn Veterinary Hospital has been amazing. Dr. Currie has been nothing but sweet to our new puppy as he is welcomed into our family. All of the staff we have dealt with are patient, take time to explain to us both procedures as well as any charges. The hospital is clean and has a great area right outside to help our dog chill out before and after visits. As new customers we will be staying with them for a long time to come.

– Brian H.

I highly recommend this office. Both drs and all of the staff have been fabulous since I started bringing my puppy here 5 months ago. She loves going for her visits and rushes to the door when we pull up. They’ve accommodated us twice for urgent situations and squeezed us in. Have never felt rushed-all of my questions are patiently answered-or pressured for any products or services. The small office means there is generally only one dog in at a time. I also recommend the feline office, Fancy Paws Cat Clinic!

– C.M. S.

Dr. Jones is the third vet we’ve taken our Old English Sheepdog to since moving to the area over a year ago…. And we plan on keeping him! In addition to being very nice and caring for our pup, he is obviously very knowledgeable and eager to inform patients rather than just telling you what to do.

– Allyson R.

This is a great veterinarian! I was looking for a new vet and came to Yelp and Google to find someone great. This place is it. Dr. Jones is phenomenal. Megan was friendly, gentle and patient. I have a large breed dog – Shiloh Shepherd. He is the most gentle of dogs, but some can be concerned because he’s big and his bark is loud. I was looking for a place that would appreciate the large breed, be comfortable with him, and treat him like a member of their family. The staff at Ashburn Veterinarian and Dr. Jones did just that. This place is quite a gem. It has beautiful grass grounds and has a small farm as a neighbor. There is a walking trail right beside the office. It’s a great little stroll to take with your dog to work out any nervousness in advance of the appointment. I couldn’t be more pleased in finding this veterinarian.

– Lisa B.

excellent staff and care. Great vets, email reminders and lots of love!

– Donna W.

Dr. Jones and his staff are wonderful. After taking one of my dogs to another area veterinary clinic 3 times in the last 5 weeks, I was fed up with the used car salesman treatment I had been receiving. I asked a neighbor for their recommendation and Dr. Jones at Ashburn Veterinary Hospital was their go to veterinarian.

He seems very friendly and personable and was willing to answer all of my questions. I never felt rushed or forced into making a treatment decision. Everything was quoted up front before any procedures were carried out. All of the vet techs are wonderful, friendly, and outgoing people. I felt instantly like they cared.

If quality of care is what you seek, please read on. Dr. Jones examined my 1 year old dog that was just at the other vet and told me that not only were her ears kind of dirty, but she has an ear infection. Not more than 2 weeks ago she received a raving clean bill of health, as I was up sold a couple of vaccinations. As a pet owner I am furious that my dogs haven’t been getting the care that they deserve.

My 5 year old dog has been seen by the same other vet his whole life. They’ve recently been pushing teeth cleaning rather forcefully and Dr. Jones told me that while he has some build up it in no way requires putting him under for a cleaning. He said, “Let’s keep an eye on it and maybe in a year or so he will need a cleaning.” My old vet has been pushing a cleaning since he was 3.

– David E.