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From breed to breed and dog to dog, there are such widely varied personalities. Learning what’s considered to be normal behavior for your dog can help gain deeper insight into your dog’s mind.

As your dog gets a bit older, he or she may begin to act out. It’s important to address and correct behavioral issues early on. Speaking with a trainer or researching training tactics to use at home can help halt bad behavior in its tracks. Many times, we’re contributing to the issue without even realizing it. “Indulgent owners often add to the problem by playing with, consoling or feeding the dog on demand. The “just this once” phenomenon can set up intermittent reinforcement schedules for common nuisance behaviors such as begging, jumping up, barking to get in, or sleeping on otherwise forbidden furniture.” (

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  • "I have been with Dr. Jones for 15 or more years. He has now cared for four of my dogs with the kindest most loving manner of any veterinarian in the area. I highly recommend him and his practice to anyone with a pet."
    L.B.N. / Ashburn, VA

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